“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

I am only one person and cannot befriend the ageing population alone. There is a need for more volunteers, so I’m raising awareness through writing and recruitment projects!

Please share if you find these useful and let me know if you have any ideas/feedback!

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My Volunteering Journey

This is my main document to share my personal experiences and to interest more people in volunteering.

My Volunteering Journey 1603: The latest version! (Mar 16, 15 pages)
My Volunteering Journey – Miscellaneous Questions 1603: Subsections which do not fit in the main document, but are still related to volunteering! (Mar 16, 3 pages)
Volunteering FAQ 1508: The original document, known as Volunteering FAQ. (Aug 15, 30 pages)

Other projects

No Man Is An Island: This was a study done for my Research Writing module. It suggests that social interaction is positively correlated with emotional health, and this relationship operates through physical, cognitive and emotional mechanisms. (Mar 17, 5 pages)
Volunteering Quotes/Lyrics: Quotes and music have the potential to unite people. I am using good quotes/lyrics to create volunteering advertisements! (Facebook album)
Elderly Stories: My elderly’s stories and advice, and how I have learned from them. (Facebook album)
Scenery: Promoting environmentalism is a type of volunteering that anyone can do! (Facebook album)
MOE Letter: I wrote a letter to MOE recommending changes to the education system to encourage and support volunteering. (Apr 16, 9 pages)
MOE Meeting Points: After I sent the MOE letter, an officer contacted me and I had an informal meeting with his team. Here are the main points of the meeting. (May 16, 2 pages)
Statistics: I interpreted some statistics on the ageing population and volunteering situation in Singapore. (Jun 16, 9 slides)
HCIS Recruitment: I prepared some slides for the volunteer recruitment presentation at my old school. (Jul 16, 21 slides)


Here are some links to videos/articles to explain more about loneliness, how elderly befrienders help and volunteering in general!

What does it feel like to be old and alone? (Channel 4 segment, 3:52)
And So They Say – About Growing Old (Our SG video, 5:10)
More seniors in Singapore taking own lives (Straits Times article)
The Story of Lions Befrienders (Project Unsung Heroes video, 3:13)
Silra Home MV! (Joy Gathering 20th anniversary song/video, 4:49)
Silver Pages (Information for caregivers)
OneSizeDoesNotFitAll (NVPC volunteer engagement guide) (Mar 15, 76 pages, 1.59 MB)
My Father Tongue eBook (Dialect guide, 13.1 MB)

Future Projects

Volunteer Stories: I am only one volunteer. There are countless others with stories much more inspiring than mine.

Psychology Applications: I will share what I have learned in Psychology in relation to how volunteers can serve more effectively. This will also be a form of revision!