“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

I am only one person and cannot befriend the ageing population alone. There is a need for more volunteers, so I’m raising awareness through writing and recruitment projects!

Please share if you find these useful and let me know if you have any ideas/feedback!

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My Volunteering Journey

This is my main document to share my personal experiences and to interest more people in volunteering.

My Volunteering Journey 1603: The latest version! (Mar 16, 15 pages)
My Volunteering Journey – Miscellaneous Questions 1603: Subsections which do not fit in the main document, but are still related to volunteering! (Mar 16, 3 pages)
Volunteering FAQ 1508: The original document, known as Volunteering FAQ. (Aug 15, 30 pages)

Other projects

No Man Is An Island: This was a study done for my Research Writing module. It suggests that social interaction is positively correlated with emotional health, and this relationship operates through physical, cognitive and emotional mechanisms. (Mar 17, 5 pages)
Volunteering Quotes/Lyrics: Quotes and music have the potential to unite people. I am using good quotes/lyrics to create volunteering advertisements! (Facebook album)
Elderly Stories: My elderly’s stories and advice, and how I have learned from them. (Facebook album)
Scenery: Promoting environmentalism is a type of volunteering that anyone can do! (Facebook album)
MOE Letter: I wrote a letter to MOE recommending changes to the education system to encourage and support volunteering. (Apr 16, 9 pages)
MOE Meeting Points: After I sent the MOE letter, an officer contacted me and I had an informal meeting with his team. Here are the main points of the meeting. (May 16, 2 pages)
Statistics: I interpreted some statistics on the ageing population and volunteering situation in Singapore. (Jun 16, 9 slides)
HCIS Recruitment: I prepared some slides for the volunteer recruitment presentation at my old school. (Jul 16, 21 slides)

Other resources

Here are some resources about loneliness, how elderly befrienders help and volunteering in general!

Silver Pages and SilverSchemes (Available assistance for elderly)
What does it feel like to be old and alone? (Channel 4 segment, 3:52)
And So They Say – About Growing Old (Our SG video, 5:10)
More seniors in Singapore taking own lives (Straits Times article)
The Story of Lions Befrienders (Project Unsung Heroes video, 3:13)
Silra Home MV! (Joy Gathering 20th anniversary song/video, 4:49)
OneSizeDoesNotFitAll (NVPC volunteer engagement guide) (Mar 15, 76 pages, 1.59 MB)
My Father Tongue eBook (Dialect guide, 13.1 MB)

Future Projects

Volunteer Stories: I am only one volunteer. There are countless others with stories much more inspiring than mine.

Psychology Applications: I will share what I have learned in Psychology in relation to how volunteers can serve more effectively. This will also be a form of revision!